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Metal Chip Briquetting Machines

Metal Chip Briquetting Machines, Metal Chip Briquetter, Metal briquette machine presses the metal waste under high pressure into a briquette form. Normally it is used to reduce the storage cost as well as the conversion ratio in the furnace for metal recycling.
Material – where the metal waste usually comes from
Scrapped machinery, equipment, metal parts.
Cutting waste, scrap.
Discarded metal products in daily life.
Model : TG-2523

Metal Briquetting Machine - TG-2523

Total pressure (t) : 30 (t)

Motor : 2HP4P

Weight : 500 kgs

Main motor power : 220 V

Machine dimension : 130 x 47 x 100 (cm)

We also can design dimension for your machine. 

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Metal briquetting machine - TG2523

The benefit from making metal briquette :

  1. Metal briquette machine increases the value of you metal chips and turns them into an ongoing income stream.
  2. Metal briquette material helps alleviate any potential cross contamination with other materials.
  3. Metal briquette machine are almost free of CNC cutting oil compared with loose metal chips and don’t leak oil during transportation around the factory or en route to the recycler.
  4. Metal briquette  eliminate the need for drying racks or centrifugal dryers, removing a costly handling process.
  5. Transportation, handling and storage costs are lowered as a result of the volume reduction achieved through briquetting.
  6. Machine briquette counters allow you to accurately monitor the amount of scrap being produced. 



With our briquetting machines, you can transform industrial turnings, filings, chips, and even clippings from iron, steel, aluminum and other metals into compressed briquettes-worth more than non-compacted scrap metal.

Briquettes are drier than chips from a chip wringer. Even when wringer chips are compacted, liquid can still be pressed from the chips. With less liquid from a briquetter, it gets more value.

The utilization rate of waste has been improved, and it has good economic and social benefits.

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